Nikita Rajbhandari

Nikita Rajbhandari is the Training Director for FieldSight, a project powered by UNOPS in partnership with Nepal Innovation Lab with extensive experience working at all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering training designed to support the organization’s partner needs and business plan.

Before devoting her work full time to FieldSight, Nikita was positioned as the Programme Manager for Safetyknot, an injury specific organisation in Nepal.

As a graduate in Social Work from St. Xavier’s College, Nepal and an accomplished social worker with over 5 years of experience in the humanitarian field, Nikita has served as National Consultants Coordinator for UN OCHA and has actively worked for the Nepal Earthquake Assessment Team. Prior to this role, Nikita served as an Associate for Private Sector Coordination Mapping for Shelter Cluster under IFRC. Nikita has also served diverse roles in similar other humanitarian organizations designing and delivering successful programs in technological tool implementation, team building, communications and coordination.

Apart from her full-time work Nikita also pursues the role of PR and Marketing Manager for TEDxPatan Nepal. She was selected as the Cultural Celebrator and Coordinator for TEDx South Asia Regional Workshop in Sri Lanka, Colombo in 2017. She volunteers with several Animal Rights Organization and is passionate about Animal Activism.

Nikita is enthusiastic about creating an interactive and enjoyable work environment that supports learning. Nikita aims to offer visionary ideas amplifying the organizational goal and wishes to see FieldSight as a global tool used across every humanitarian agency possible.